Spread the word about Game Over, T1D to win Diablo IV, Madden 24, and other prizes!

Our Game Over, T1D! fundraiser officially kicks off tomorrow — ten days of charity streams, hot sauce shots, and hype trains to raise $50k for type 1 diabetes research.

Numerous studies have proven that social media posts have a direct impact on donations.* That’s why we’re holding a social media contest to get the news out about our event. TL;DR: spread the word and you can win PRIZES!

What kind of prizes? So glad you asked…

Daily Prizes: Diablo IV Game Keys

Between August 18–27, we’ll give away TEN digital copies of Diablo IV for PC! A member of the Diablo development team who has a T1D connection helped us get these codes to one of the biggest RPGs of the year, and we’ll draw one winner each day until we’ve burned through them all.

Grand Prizes

On Monday, August 28, we’ll draw winners for three grand prizes:
  • X Rocker Agility Junior Esports Gaming Chair. This chair is slightly smaller than the average gaming chair, making it perfect for all those aspiring streamers and esports stars out there. (US shipping only for this prize.)
  •  A Madden 24 game key for Xbox, PlayStation, or PC (winner’s choice). The latest installment in EA’s Madden NFL franchise comes out tomorrow, with FieldSENSE™ improvements and SAPIEN technology — not sure what those are, but they sound important — and, best of all (in our humble opinion), crossplay between platforms.
  •  A JDRF Game2Give prize pack that includes our comfy Season 4 hoodie (sizes S–XL), the adorable Season 5 sticker pack, and a coveted limited edition D20 die. (Worldwide shipping available.)
Like the Diablo IV codes, both the gaming chair and the Madden game key were secured for us by people with T1D connections within the companies. It has to be said: the JDRF Game2Give community really is the best.

How do I enter the giveaway?

Good question! Standing on a street corner and shouting about Game Over, T1D isn’t going to cut it. You need to go to the giveaway page and complete the steps, which include things like tweeting** about the event, sharing the giveaway with your friends, and following Breakthrough T1D on Twitch. Easy stuff, folks. The more steps you complete, the better your chances of winning one of these sweet prizes.

We’ll also do a series of daily posts on the platform formerly known as Twitter, giving you even more chances to win. Check in each day for a game-related clue to that day’s secret code, like this one:

Wait, you’re not a certified expert in diabetes game trivia? Never fear! You can find the answers to these clues right here on the JDRF Game2Give website. (Or, y’know, Google.) The secret codes will be good all week, so if you miss one on the day, you’ll have time to catch up. The best part: daily winners are eligible for the grand prizes too.

So that’s the lowdown: ten copies of Diablo IV, three grand prizes, and the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you helped us reach our $50K fundraising goal. What are you waiting for?

*Don’t ask us to cite these studies. They’re out there somewhere. Probably.

**They’re still called “tweets,” right? No? We’ve been too busy prepping for Game Over, T1D to keep up with the lingo…

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