New on Roblox: Charity Walk Simulator, an expansion to JDRF One World

JDRF Game2Give was a brand new program when the world shut down due to COVID-19. Restrictions on in-person gatherings meant that JDRF’s big in-person fundraiser, the JDRF One Walk, had to be cancelled. Our team had already been kicking around ideas for how to bring JDRF into a video game. Now we had a deadline!

JDRF One World launched on Roblox on November 1, 2020—just in time for National Diabetes Awareness Month. The game features a virtual One Walk with minigames like Trivia Tug of War and Parkour, educational booths where you can learn about type 1 diabetes (T1D), and an exclusive V1P tent that you can get into by collecting coins around the world.
JDRF One World | Walk Arch

Over time we’ve updated JDRF One World with landmarks including Big Ben, Stonehenge, and the Loch Ness Monster (in cooperation with JDRF UK), the “Quest for the Golden Rufus” treasure hunt, and a Washington DC side quest in honor of JDRF Children’s Congress.

Now it’s time for the biggest content update yet: Charity Walk Simulator!

JDRF One World’s new game mode, Charity Walk Simulator, is a tycoon sim that puts you in charge of your very own JDRF One Walk. To get there from JDRF One World, travel through the portal just outside the spawn point.

JDRF One World | Portal to Charity Walk Simulator

The goal of Charity Walk Simulator is pretty simple: you have to walk! Your steps add up to earn you Blue Hearts, which you can use to build booths along the walkway, dress up your avatar with fun accessories, and get power-ups that help you earn even more steps and hearts. The more you level up, the more you can do!

Charity Walk Simulator

Charity Walk Simulator also has new NPCs to chat with, trivia questions to answer, obstacle courses to master, and leaderboards where you can compete against other players to accrue the most steps.

In honor of Charity Walk Simulator’s launch, we’re offering a special in-game Rufus to the first 2,500 players who hit level 22!

While most in-game items only work in Charity Walk Simulator and JDRF One World, this special Rufus is yours to keep (virtually) and you can wear him on your back in ANY Roblox game. These special Rufuses will go fast, so start playing today!

Charity Walk Simulator - Special Rufus Item

Here are a few tips to give you an advantage…

Want to join a JDRF One Walk in person? Click here to find one near you!

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