Double your impact, double your fun…

Show of hands: who remembers this classic ad campaign?

Doubling isn’t just for gum anymore! Read on to learn how donation match challenges and corporate matching gifts can double your impact in a Breakthrough T1D Play fundraiser.

Donation Match Challenges

During a charity stream, a match is an incredible way to boost momentum and get those donations rolling in. If your match amount is $250 or more, we recommend using Tiltify’s donation tool. Otherwise, you can do a manual match.

Option A: Tiltify’s Matching Donation Tool

Matching Donation Challenge
  1. Using the URL provided by the fundraiser to donate to their Tiltify campaign benefiting Breakthrough T1D, head to their campaign page.
  2. On the page, click “Donate.”
  3. When donating, click “Matching donation challenge” on the right side of the donation details page
  4. Fill out your personal information then select your donation challenge amount ($250+) and duration (1 hour to 5 days).
  5. Once the match is live, donors will see matches applied to their donations on the campaign page until the match total is met or time expires. The screengrab below shows an example of a match in progress.
  6. When the challenge is complete, your matching donation will appear on the campaign page and your credit card will be processed.
  7. Want more details? Click here to learn more about Tiltify matches.

Notes: Challenges can only be started by verified donor accounts, meaning you have to create or log in to an account on Tiltify. If multiple challenges overlap, the matches stack, meaning donations can be matched 3x, 5x, etc. until the challenges expire.

Fundraiser babe_ross received three concurrent matching challenges during her 2023 Creators for Cures charity stream thanks to the support of her community!

Option B: Manual Match

  1. Contact the fundraiser to let them know you want to match donations. Determine the best time to join the stream and execute the match in real time via chat.
  2. Decide how much you’ll donate and how long the match will last. We recommend a minimum of 30 minutes.
  3. Announce the beginning of the match in chat. Make a note of the starting fundraising amount on the fundraiser’s Tiltify campaign when the match starts, so you can keep track of how much to donate.
  4. When the match is over, head to the fundraiser’s Tiltify campaign and make the donation. You’ll see their fundraising progress bar go up in real time!

Don’t forget to talk up the match in chat!

Make sure people watching the stream know they can get their donations doubled. This is especially important with a manual match, since it won’t be obvious in Tiltify’s interface that a match is in progress. Here’s a script you can use:

Hi [streamer]! Thank you for your support of Breakthrough T1D. I’d like to match all donations up to $X for the next XX minutes! We’re starting at $X raised on Tiltify—let’s see that fundraising bar go up!

Just XX minutes left in the match! Get those donations in for Breakthrough T1D!

One minute left in the match. This is your last chance to see your donations DOUBLED!

MATCH CHALLENGE HAS ENDED! I’ll be matching $X donations. Thank you so much for your support of [streamer] and Breakthrough T1D.

Corporate Matching Gifts

Thousands of companies offer matching gift programs, from big box stores to Fortune 500 firms to local small businesses. Some even match gifts made by retirees or spouses, and will give you up to one year after your donation to request a match.

Step 1: Donate to your Tiltify campaign of choice

Tiltify will send you a confirmation email when your donation goes through. Hold on to this as proof of your donation.

Step 2: Visit & search for your company

If your company is eligible you’ll see a link to their matching guidelines, along with details such as the minimum and maximum amount your company will match, which employees are eligible, and whom to contact with questions.

Step 3: Complete the match

Depending on your company’s guidelines, you may need to complete the gift matching process online via your company’s donation portal or request a matching gift form from your employer.

Step 4: Let us know!

We’ll work with our matching gifts team to ensure your match is applied to the appropriate Tiltify campaign. Email or contact Monique (@spacenique) on our Discord.

Each year, between $4 billion and $7 billion earmarked for corporate matches goes unclaimed by employees. Don’t let your gift go unmatched!

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